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Motif Virtual Gallery: Stroll our virtual halls and check out what RI artists are up to

Art brings community together and promotes positive mental health, and we want to encourage community and creativity in this time of social distancing. Check out our #MotifVirtualGallery compilation page designed to showcase Rhode Island artists. If you like what they’re doing, consider making a donation through their preferred app, which appears below each piece.

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RI COVID-19 Daily Press Conference: April 3, 2020

Cloth-based face coverings RI Department of Health (DoH) Director Nicole Alexander-Scott, following new federal guidance, advised everyone to wear cloth-based face coverings, such as bandannas, that cover the mouth and nose. Face coverings can be hand-sewn or improvised from T-shirts and scarves. These are not intended to protect the wearer but to prevent the wearer, […]

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Student Perspective: Student from Shanghai studying in the US discusses the coronavirus

To talk about the whole situation, let’s bring the timeline back to before it even got started in China.  On December 1, 2019, the first case was reported in Wuhan. On December 8, 27 suspected cases were found around the seafood market in Wuhan. At first, they said the virus couldn’t pass from human to […]

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Drive-Thru for COVID-19 Test: These efficient test sites will help RI reach the goal of testing 1,000 Rhode Islanders a day

Wednesday morning, the Rhode Island National Guard Joint Task Force Guardian demonstrated one of the new “drive-thru” test sites opened to help meet Governor Gina Raimondo’s goal of testing 1,000 Rhode Islanders for the novel coronavirus each day. Three centers currently exist, one each at URI, CCRI and RIC. Each has the ability to process […]

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Mama’s Rap

Yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listen up to the Mama In her drama bout the change I’m feelin’ like an arrow Target ready / taking aim Some think I’m going crazy  Yeah actin’ insane Damn right I got an attitude But let me explain I said Who-decided-the-rules  To diss my clock To say-I-got-to-keep-tickin’  When I wants to tock To […]

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18 Tiny Deaths: The untold story of Frances Glessner Lee and the invention of modern forensics

I discovered the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, while wandering through Atlas Obscura one evening. Vintage dioramas on a 1:12 scale? Of mysterious death scenes? By the first female police captain? I was on my way to Baltimore.   Witnessing these tiny, unique worlds in all of their macabre glory, I met the curator and guardian […]

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