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2018 Music Awards Trivia: Band Name Shuffle

Unscramble the names of these 2018 Motif Music Award Winners. See pages 12-21 of our Music Awards Issue for a cheat sheet. 1. rata shnane 2. show tabou lieharc 3. epho chanro 4. lamsyas robsallae 5. het sticpacoce 6. tucacs takact 7. rainab thew 8. shayirrap enequ 9. and rettimo   Answers: 1. Tara Hansen, 2. How’s About Charlie, 3. Hope Anchor, 4. […]

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Ancient Tattoo Trivia

1. Around 5,200 years old 2. Protection during pregnancy and birth 3. Emperor Constantine; he felt that tattoos disfigured that made in God’s image 4. It comes from the Tahitian word “tattau,” which means to hit or strike 5. Designs were cut into the skin, and then a soot-based pigment was rubbed into the wounds

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