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On the Ball and Off the Wall: Noise Pollution: The most annoying illusion in sports

This column is for non-sports fans who would like some enlightenment and hopefully humor beyond being sports fanatics. Vuvuzelas! No, that doesn’t mean go eff yourself in Afrikaans. But it might as well convey that message. At the 2010 soccer World Cup finals in South Africa, vuvuzelas nearly eclipsed the play on the field. They […]

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World record for speed pretzel eating set at PVD Fest

Saturday around 3:45 pm something happened in Kennedy Plaza that will go down in history. Well, if you count the Guinness Book of World Records as history. At an eating event sponsored by The Malted Barley, which provided the pretzels as well, the world record for speed pretzel eating was set. Geoffrey Esper downed 26 pretzels […]

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Go Left, Young Man! Racetracks abound just over the border, so pack a lunch and get out

It shouldn’t be surprising that the country’s smallest state would be the only state in the US without a racetrack to call its own. On the other hand, being the smallest state means you don’t have to travel far to see motor-racing, because there’s more than one choice within an easy drive, even by the […]

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