Casting About in RI Politics

We played a little game at Motif one day. If we were making a film about RI politics and money were no object, who would we choose to portray our political players?
See if you agree with our picks. We’ll be over here waiting for our Oscar for pretend casting director – just like all the real casting directors.


Beach Bingo June ’18


2018 Music Awards Trivia: Band Name Shuffle

Motif-MayII-MusicAwards_TriviaUnscramble the names of these 2018 Motif Music Award Winners. See pages 12-21 of our Music Awards Issue for a cheat sheet.

1. rata shnane
2. show tabou lieharc
3. epho chanro
4. lamsyas robsallae
5. het sticpacoce
6. tucacs takact
7. rainab thew
8. shayirrap enequ
9. and rettimo


1. Tara Hansen, 2. How’s About Charlie, 3. Hope Anchor, 4. Malyssa BellaRosa, 5. The Copacetics, 6. Cactus Attack, 7. Briana White, 8. Hairspray Queen, 9. Dan Moretti

Law Trivia: Weird Holdover Laws Still in RI Books

Do you consider yourself a law-abiding citizen? See how much you know about these old laws still on the books.
1. It is illegal to throw this type of juice on a trolley.
2. It is illegal to ride this mode of transportation on a highway to test its speed.
3. When passing on the left, you must do this.
4. If your argument gets heated, avoid this at all cost.
5. Barrington residents can only collect a certain amount of this substance from the public beach.

1. Pickle. Throwing other types of juice is just considered rude.
2. A horse. Presumably, a steady trot is a-okay.
3. Give an audible warning. So that guy who blew by you giving you the finger and screaming about your mother was just following the rules!
4. Scheduling a duel. Instead, start throwing punches right away.
5. Seaweed – to use as fertilizer. If you are collecting it to throw it on a trolley, you can presumably take as much as you want.

Cannabis How To: Make an Apple Pipe with Household Objects

apple pipe how to

Signature Drinks Trivia

rgb trivia2

Answers: 1. d. Vodka martini. Shaken, not stirred. 2. c. White Russian 3. a. Banana daquiri 4. e. A nice chianti 5. b. A good ol’ fashioned Old Fashioned

PRD Grrls Trivia


Spring Guide Asparagus Trivia

RGB trivia

Answers: 1. Yes! But only 25% of people have the gene needed to detect the scent. Go smell someone’s pee to test your genetic makeup! We’ll wait. 2. It’s high in an amino acid that acts as a diuretic. 3. They took it to the Alps to freeze. Pretty old school. 4. California, Michigan and Washington. 5. Three years. 6. Hey, if you can make it sound good, go with your spoken word instincts.

Ancient Tattoo Trivia


1. Around 5,200 years old 2. Protection during pregnancy and birth 3. Emperor Constantine; he felt that tattoos disfigured that made in God’s image 4. It comes from the Tahitian word “tattau,” which means to hit or strike 5. Designs were cut into the skin, and then a soot-based pigment was rubbed into the wounds

Trivia: Vintage Undies!

RGB trivia